What we
put in our
body makes
a difference.

Our Story

Since 1996

Visionary Organic Wellness is founded on the principles of eating to enhance life. Our primary focus is healing and invigoration of the mind body and spirit. Our founders have been athletes their whole lives, so maintaining tip top shape through exercise and proper nutrition is embedded in them. The idea to create products that could help the world and anyone who seeks mental, physical and emotional wellness is the happy place for the VOW team. We take pride in sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients. Our production facilities are filled with positive energy and healing vibes so that every element of our brand is purposefully progressive. We employ highly educated nutritionist, bio chemist and fitness experts to insure our products are the best fit for overall improvement. Trust that once you take the VOW, we will always do our part. 


Take the VOW.
Eat to Live!

We all know what’s best for us. Both internally and externally, but society continuously feeds us with other options that are filled with sugars, salts, gluten and other ingredients that destroy the body and mind. Pair that with toxins and free radicals; we must put up a fight somewhere. That’s why we created Visionary Organic Wellness. Use us as your First line of defense or the Calvary, but either way, take the #VOW and Eat To Live!


Our Community

We have developed a community of like minded people that gather and present findings on new ways to improve health and wellness. We collaborate and decide on wellness events, excursions, activities and events that  promote positivity. We live to help one another and assist wherever we can. We have doctors, naturalist, athletes, scientists, physical trainers, moms, dads, grandparents and adolescents as a part of our community and we all have taken the VOW to not only eat to live but to spread the wellness idea through nutrition globally while having a blast doing it!



I VOW to wholeheartedly care about myself and my well being. I VOW to eat a healthy balanced diet by selecting food that is organic when possible that invigorates living. I VOW to maintain positive energy and a profound outlook on life. I will share my experiences and VOW to help others find their way to maximum wellness. I VOW to affirm: I am Healthy. I am Wealthy. I am Happy.